Great Wall of China Jump

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Danny Way looks out the window while flying over Beijing and sees the Great Wall of China snaking across the landscape down below and thinks to himself, wow that would be a great landmark to jump on a skateboard.  Not what most people think! 2 years and almost 2 million dollars later, lightening strikes and he achieves just that.  They say it takes a village to raise a child?  Well it takes a whole Chinese village and a few camels to raise a Megaramp for Danny to jump.  Who knew China had an Administrator of Extreme Sports?  The amount of things learned from this event are immeasurable!  This was also the first big event we had ever undertaken and it was quite a ride.

Being involved in this project was a monumental milestone. The Beijing MegaRamp is the largest skate structure ever built. It required 60,000 screws, 4,000 framework joists, 410 sheets of plywood and 200 sheets of Skatelite imported from the US at a cost of $60,000, and a whole team of camels. The final estimated cost of the entire spectacle, including ramp construction, security, travel and other miscellaneous expenses was nearly $1.7 million. Workers ran out of screws before completion and had to finish the project with nails.

Chinese officials carved Danny’s signature into the wall before he even attempted the gap. Danny is the first Westerner ever to be bestowed with such an honor. His name is engraved next to the first Chinese astronaut into space. The last person before Danny who tried to jump the wall without the aid of a motor was Wang Jiaxiong of Shaanxi Province in 2002. The 30-year-old stunt cyclist cleared the wall on his mountain bike, but tumbled midair, falling over 50 feet onto his head. Wang died later that day.

If there was one event that absolutely secured our future event planning, it was this one. When our plane landed from China, Danny was the most famous person in the world for that moment.  Our newly launched City Publicity’s voicemail was completely full.  From The Late Show With David Letterman, to the Today Show, to the Daily Show-somehow every major media outlet had found our number.  We flew coach two round-trip flights to Beijing and slept almost zero hours and it was all worth it.

No this isn’t the Beijing phone book, this is the book of press that Quicksilver had hard bound and given to those of us who worked on this event.  It still sits in the office today.