Burton LA Store Opening

Events / Publicity / Los Angeles / Brand Launch

What do you do when you have a store opening in a massive city like LA?  How do you even get attention or people to show up?  What if it is for a snowboard store in July?  Some say they get hired to make it rain, but in this instance, we decided to make it snow! That’s right, we had snow in July in LA.  We made the news.  We also made an (illegal?) skate ramp on the roof of the building and invited our friends to skate.  One of our scariest moments was when this quickly thrown together ramp stuck an exposed nail straight through one party-goer’s palm when he did a hand-plant invert.  As the owner of the agency walked down the stairs to meet this injured guest she was praying he had a tetanus shot.  Turned out not only did he have one just two weeks ago, he was a good friend of the agency and just needed a band-aide and some rubbing alcohol. Bless you, Jake, wherever you are!

Remember if you have a party that or a brand launch or you’re opening something in a crowded space, try coming up with something completely not the usual and maybe you’ll get a good turn out.  Everyone is looking for that photo op, so give them one.