Vision Streetwear

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This is not a story about a great beach party in an amazing private house right on the water-this is a story about a party bus.  When throwing an event that you’re hoping people will attend, it is good to know what the draw is to get people there and hopefully to have a few of them to get as many people as possible.  The DJ is always a draw.  And in this particular case, a relatively uncool (in the skate world) big company had bought legendary skate label Vision Streetwear.  Yes, GLEAMING THE CUBE, early Christian Slater at his dreamiest-that Vision Streetwear.  Making something appear cool or “re-cool” in this case isn’t always easy.  We needed a skate legend, someone real from the action sports community,  to for sure show up.  Enter Jake Brown, one of our favorite all-time humans and, as is the case with most Australians, supremely fun and always party ready.

ICYMI, Jake had just fallen from about 10 stories at the top of Megaramp in the LA X Games and miraculously survived.  He was the badass that year and he agreed to DJ and wear a Vision shirt under one condition, he wanted a party bus.  Easy, right?  Except those things cost about 2k and he wanted one round trip from where he lived in San Diego.  Yikes.  Totally worth it.

We had some really good people show up and some great media-Spin Magazine agreed to host and do a party page because we had Jake on board. Luckily for us, because at the end of the night, we incurred quite a few extra costs thanks to our DJ and professional skateboarder.  Turns out that party bus was kept the whole night and may or may not have been used as a toilet (still love you buddy).  We also had a broken window at the house today for, mysteriously right behind where the dj booth had been.