Dior “D Trick” Launch

Events / Publicity / Los Angeles

So much goes in to creating spectacular events and getting great PR.  One of the biggest is making sure you’re in the right place at the right time.  Not accidentally being there, but making sure of it-there are no accidents.  Nothing is a better example of this than the Dior party we pulled off a week’s notice.  Jeff Klein had just bought the Argyle and unknown to everyone except for him, was about to make it the hottest spot in town-Sunset Tower Hotel.  This hotel was in need of a makeover bad and its musty, windowless basement was the first office for the newly formed City Publicity-now Blondell & Co.  At the time, Ali Wise was the head of PR for Dior and she happened to be in LA from NYC and needed a venue that could host a band on very short notice-that band being Pussycat Dolls.  Also at that time, Jay Marose had just gone out on his own to work with the Osborne family and Whitney and Bobby Brown.  All 3 of our world’s collided to create one of the most spectacular events of the year with nothing but sincere love and admiration for each other.  Jay wanted his clients at a great, high-level fashion event, Ali wanted to get PR for the launch, and we wanted to make Jeff happy for giving me space in his property!  We all got what we wanted and then some.

Even though event is all about the “planning” sometimes the less you plan the better it can turn out if you’re willing to get outside your comfort zone and see what happens.  If you’re just trying to get an event or a charity or your company off the ground, the more friends you make and the more people you’re willing to help out-the brighter your future is.  Things don’t happen in a vacuum and even though some things don’t come together exactly as planned, the odds that you’ll get the benefits of it later are pretty good.  I had my friend bring these enormous celebrities because we really liked Ali and wanted to help her out.  Ali also ended up gifting a free Dior Saddle Bag for our efforts! We also got to keep my office.  Jeff was and still is a perfectionist and you better keep up if you want to be kept around.