Palms & 9 Group Launch

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Viva Las Vegas! Just like a visit from the in-laws or a diary product left out on the counter, 24 hours is a good time frame for this electric city.  Which is why these spectacular suites are so popular even though The Palms is so far off the main strip.  Who wants to leave when you can stray somewhere this beautiful?  Throwing an event in one of these babies is an event in and of itself!  It doesn’t matter who you’re rubbing elbows with, the night feels VIP-Very Insane Possibilities.  These properties may seem out of reach, but those in the know can get amazing resort discounts and extras when you book these fantastic rooms.  Some even some with thrown pool!


When we opened the Playboy Club it wasn’t just all about celebrity-it was about making every single person there feel like one-or like they could be if they could get their hands on these amazing suites.  These venues aren’t just for bachelor parties either, you can do some fun and classy stuff here-if you have to.  We did a sweet 16 here for a group of girls and moms all seeing Britney Spears.  So many options!

Party like a rock star or pamper yourself like a princess.  It’s all available in Las Vegas.