Red Carpet

Publicity / International

How do you do a create a red carpet media scrum at an arena size venue in a country you’ve never been to?  Share the spotlight and hire the best person you can find.

Luckily for me, I had Bryan Cole on my team, ex-head of International Film Publicity at Warner Brothers and total red carpet ninja.  This is the best part of saying yes to seemingly impossible tasks, there’s always somebody you can bring on with an extra skill set you may not have.  Always say yes and believe you can figure it out.  That’s Bryan below on the left.

Now because the UFC has the most powerful person in Hollywood, Ari Emanuel, as their agent, (this was before he spent over 4 Billion to own it) he was bringing Jude Law, Guy Ritchie, and Robert Downey Jr to the event.  All the celebrity wrangling in the world could never make this happen so we had the pressure on us to capture this moment.  We got so lucky they were filming the latest Sherlock Holmes movie and they planned on attending together that every wire photographer in London sent a camera crew.  AND we had Madonna’s ex coming to the venue with Madonna’s other ex…PR gold.  But what we couldn’t have was both of them on the red carpet at the exact same time.  And of course that’s exactly what happened.  And in this cluster of a massive screw up- Ari did what any great agent would do, skipped the red carpet and the photographers because we were too busy to notice and who wants to bug these superstars with a carpet stroll when the fight was getting started.

This was horrible.  All the photographers had been promised this shot and they all started to pack up and leave and they were really angry they’d been told they’d get these 3 guys together on a lad’s night out.  Angry at us, big time.  Before we could let this first Red Carpet go down in flames, we asked them if they got to go into the arena, in groups of two or three, would they be willing to take the shot of them in the front row instead of the re carpet photo.  They said of course but didn’t think we’d be able to pull it off in the middle of a live event-especially after they just walked by us and did not even stop.  SO, in the middle of a live sporting event, in between rounds and fights and away from cameras, we brought them all in.  Just that picture alone went everywhere and got 900 million media impressions.

And we got this in Page 6 of the NY Post….