Shaun White, Vogue

Photography / Publicity

Can a Publicist Survive Working With Annie Leibowitz?

The answer is yes, but barely.  This is one of those things that are always going to happen in the world of celebrity PR.  Don’t meet your heroes, they might disappoint you.  Or in this case, their assistant might tell you not to even look at Annie let alone try and speak to her.

This is also a story about listening to your gut-at the end of the day, there was a really bad, completely ridiculous skate ramp built by people who have never been on a skateboard before and that was unskateable.  Shaun ended up photoshopped into an equally ridiculous skate pose-the one thing he told them they absolutely could not do.  Just going to leave it at that and enjoy the fact that Hey, it was Vogue.  And there was a supermodel on set.

Not actually possible based on the laws of physics.  But absolutely possible according to the laws of Annie Leibowitz.