Chateau Marmont

Events / Publicity / Los Angeles

Chateau Marmont Bungalow Number One is an extremely special place.  At the time, we were City Publicity and our offices took up the whole top floor of the old Union Nightclub building across the street.  When out of town clients stayed in LA, they always stayed at the Chateau and waved from their balconies or ordered room service and walked over with it in the Chateau to-go bag.  When we approached the amazing Amanda Gradinetti, then and still the Food and Bev manager, about possibly hosting a unique clientele in their hallowed halls, she literally rolled out the red carpet.  150 MMA fighters? No problem.  Aside from Shaun White, (during on spectacular GQ Man Of The Year Party) none of our staff or clients had ever really caused a ruckus there and she couldn’t have been cooler. We were in luck that not only was the legendary two-story bungalow number one available for the night in question, but bungalow number two, its beautiful neighbor was under construction and closed.  Normally, to secure the pool, you’d have to buy every room around it, but someone must have been a black belt in something, because we were allowed to take the whole shebang. Our guests would get to sip champagne on the same chase lounges as Belushi and Mick.

We did a gorgeous bar and dessert station and treated guests to passed apps and specialty cocktails.  As guests began to trickle in they had to pass Anya, legendary door mistress to the Chateau.  She had given me a quizzical look when we were about to get started and wanted to know if I had any special advice for how to deal with our guests at the door.  I told her just make sure they’re on the list! years later, when I saw her off-duty at an event not at the Chateau, she told me of all the events she ever worked the door for, our guests at the Chateau, these big scary fighters, were hands down the nicest, most polite group she had worked with.  Not a single person tried to crash and nobody tried to bring 10 extra people.  We can’t even take credit for that part.

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 22: (L-R) UFC fighter Anderson Silva, model Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber pose at the UFC 104 Pre-Party hosted By Dana White, Lorenzo Fertita and Frank Fertita at Chateau Marmont )