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Every now and then, you get to witness sport’s history being made and you get to work directly with the world’s greatest client.  And then that client will give 10 days to throw a (GOOD) party in a city you’ve never been in. in a foreign country several times zones away from your comfort zone.  That’s this one!

It all started with this image of Halston in his living room in the 80’s.  Who doesn’t want to be in that living room??  This particular client has an incredible modern art collection with more than a few Warhols and we thought it would be something was interested in-and we got to do it!


Unfortunately for us, when we arrived, it was Art Frieze, one of London’s biggest events of the year.  And instead of options to re-create Halston’s impeccable NY townhome, our venue had furniture that would have enabled us to retreat George Jetson’s living room and being that it was the biggest event week of the year, all the event rental companies were sold out.  Wah wahhhhh.

Somehow, through the jet-lag, someone on the team (Nicole) said isn’t this the birthplace of Shakespeare? Don’y they do a ton of plays here?  What about a prop house? And she saved the day.  But not the budget, we definitely went over the budget and maybe even got someone fired for not giving us one.  WHOOPS! (not really but strongly reprimanded for sure)

What happened?  Well we flew in Madonna’s latest boy toy, Jesus, his real name, from Brazil and not only was he gorgeous he was an awesome DJ.  We made a bunch of new friends in London and to this day, they remind us of how great that party was across the pond.


Another reminder to keep your cool and summon your creativity in this business.  You don’t just get to help people celebrate, you get to make sure they never know how hard it is to do this stuff!

Jon Jones!